This blog is an online space for members of Southshore Bible Church to initiate conversation by publishing thoughts and insights about God, life, Scripture, theology, discipleship, and other pursuits of faith. Our hope is that this blog will serve in the discipleship and sanctification of our local church. At the same time, we invite others to “listen in” as we seek Christ together. The general editor of this blog is the lead pastor of Southshore, Adam Brown. He is also a regular contributor. For more information about the contributors of this blog, see the short biographies below.

Adam Brown

Adam BrownMy name is Adam Brown. I am married to Angie and we have a daughter named Selah. I was the Adult Ministry intern (2004-05) and pastor (2006-09) of Philpott Memorial Church in Hamilton, Ontario. I was the lead pastor of the Rock Community Church in Woodstock, Ontario, from 2009 to 2016. I am now the pastor Southshore Bible Church. My passion is to open the Word of God with people to reveal Jesus Christ as the centre and focus of all Scripture and History so that we can be transformed from one degree of glory to another. My education includes a Bachelor of Social Science, Political Science (University of Ottawa), a Master of Theological Studies (McMaster University), a Master of Arts in Christian Studies (McMaster Divinity College), and a Ph.D. in Christian Theology, Old Testament (McMaster Divinity College).

I am an evangelical who is rooted in the Reformed tradition. I support the theology, philosophy, and efforts of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) and Together for the Gospel (T4G). I strongly believe that likeminded local churches, elders, and pastors in Canada ought to increasingly work together beyond denominational boundaries.

I hold to a complementarian position with regard to manhood and womanhood and I believe that this doctrine, which is firmly rooted in the doctrines of Creation, the Trinity, and Christological Ecclesiology, is essential for life and discipleship in the local church. Other doctrinal commitments that I profess include the inerrancy/sufficiency of Scripture; election; eternal security; and church governance by a plurality of elders. Though I personally believe in historic premillennialism and believer’s baptism, neither of these doctrines inhibit me from enjoying the fullness of fellowship with other committed Reformed Christians of other eschatological or baptistic convictions.

Angie Brown

Angie BrownI’m Angie Brown, disciple of Jesus Christ, pastor’s wife, and mom to one beautiful daughter. I am married to an extremely gifted minister of God’s Word, who teaches and loves me with the wisdom and humility of Christ. God has given us the privilege of being parents to our sweet daughter and by His grace to raise her in the instruction of the Lord.  We live in Ontario, Canada.

I have a heart for women’s discipleship and I love to study and teach the Bible to women. Since completing a Master of Theological Studies ten years ago, I have seen a great need in the Church for Bible-based discipleship of women.  I am now working towards a Doctor of Educational Ministry degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a focus on women’s discipleship. I am working to develop a biblical theology of the discipleship of women from a complementarian perspective to consider how to invite pastors and elder teams to be more intentional about equipping and encouraging older women, in order that they might effectively “teach what is good” to younger women (Titus 2:1, 3-5).

Janet Surette

heather-hannah-janet.jpgI was welcomed into the world by a family narrowly plucked from the brink of destruction. My parents had found the cure for their despair, drivenness, anxiety and marital breakdown in the saving grace of Jesus Christ just months before I was born. As that grace transformed my family, I grew up easily convinced that God is good and His ways are perfect. As I put God’s principles to the test throughout high school and university, I discovered that submission to God’s rule in my life was far from bondage. Actually, what it proved to be instead was glorious freedom that opened my life to lavish grace.

I’m all grown up now and believe more than ever that God’s truth is far too robust to be relegated to a Sunday obligation or remembered only as quaint, childhood stories. Over three decades into this journey with Jesus Christ, my life is rich because His wisdom informs and beautifies my marriage, my parenting, my friendships, my speech, my decisions, my work and my purpose on this earth. Out of the abundance of blessing showered on my life through His grace, it is my delight to share with women how God’s wisdom perfectly intersects with everyday life.

More Contributors to come…