Don’t Say No

Linked article by Janet Surette –

I, Adam, would like to direct your attention to an article that was recently published by The Gospel Coalition Canada (July 26, 2018). This article was written by Janet Surette, a member of our women’s discipleship leadership team at Southshore Bible Church. #SouthshoreBibleChurch #WomenSouthshore

Here’s the beginning of this article:

As a young woman, I remember lamenting with another woman about the lack of willing or available older women in our church at the time, who could help us journey this noble but challenging call to God-honouring womanhood.  Having been raised by a loving and sage mother, I fared better than many, but a wise and local voice would have been welcomed during a season when little humans stretched me beyond my competencies and regularly exposed the sin areas in my life that I didn’t realize existed until these children did.


As I’ve taught on the subject over the years, I’ve encountered women in different cities with a unifying experience:  They finally worked up the courage to approach an older woman to request a bit of time and wisdom, only to be met with a “no.”  That response sent them back home, tail between their legs, vowing never to ask again.


Because of those experiences and having moved now from beneficiary to benefactor, I’d like to issue this challenge to my fellow middle-agers and those ahead of me in life:  If younger women in our churches or spheres of influence ask us for some of our time to guide or teach them… Don’t say no.


Here’s why. . .

To read the rest of the article, please visit the TGC Canada website:

Janet Surette is mother to three strong daughters and the wife of one good man.  She serves with her family at Southshore Bible Church, coaches school volleyball and has published The Prince & The Gift to teach children the beauty of character. Janet writes at, showcasing the fruitful intersection of God’s wisdom with everyday life.

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