Vintage Billy Graham: How To Live the Christian Life

By Adam Brown –

I have recently been reading a biography on Billy Graham called A Prophet with Honor (Updated Edition), by William C. Martin. I am currently walking with Graham through the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson, just shortly after the assassination of J.F.K.

A few chapters and a couple of weeks ago, however, I was entranced by Graham’s New York Crusade in Madison Square Gardens that lasted from May until August, 1957. Every night for the duration of these four months, Billy Graham preached the Gospel and called on people to make a decision for Christ. It struck me that, at 39 years of age, I am a little older than the 38-year old Graham had been during this miraculous ministry.

Curious to get beyond the statistics and the print on the page, I dug up this sermon from that crusade. I commend it to you and suggest that it is worth your time to watch it.

I pray that in Canada today, we might see a movement of the Holy Spirit that will awaken both the sleepy church and the unsaved people in our land, with excitement and zeal for the Gospel once again.

I suggest that many of us, who go by the Name of Christ, ought to be the first to receive the blessing, by repentance, of this 61 year old sermon.

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