Jon Bloom: “10 Reasons to Memorize Big Chunks of the Bible”

By Adam Brown –

One of the most frustrating realities for me in my own life, and in my role as a pastor over like-plagued men and women, is the shrinking attention-span of our society. We are inundated with micro-information as screen after screen buries us in a virtual avalanche of data. Although we are processing more information than any previous generation, we are losing our ability to ponder, to think, and to deeply engage significant content.

For this reason, I was captivated by an article that recently landed in my inbox from desiringGod. In this article, Jon Bloom gives “10 reasons to memorize big chunks of the Bible.” His primary goal was not to combat the above identified problem of shrinking attention-spans. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if this ancient spiritual discipline of large-scale memorization might be exactly the balm that our shrinking attention-spans need.

I am convinced that the devil gleefully celebrates our shrinking capacity to read, ponder, and memorize Scripture. It plays favourably into his hand that we balk at sustained theological reflection. It is a Big Win for him when we are challenged to make it to the end of a 50 minute sermon.

I am equally convinced that local churches that are filled with people memorizing entire sections or books of the Bible will begin to enjoy a supernatural immunity from this cultural mind-plague. Our attention spans will begin to grow again, and we just might find that we want MORE food for thought, instead of less.

Let’s get busy memorizing big chunks of the Bible. Our spiritual health depends on it.

Check out Bloom’s article here.

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