Author Interview: Susan Hunt

Susan Hunt

By Angie Brown – Susan Hunt is the former director of women’s ministries for the Presbyterian Church in America and holds a degree in Christian Education from Columbia Theological Seminary. She is the author of numerous books including Titus 2 ToolsThe True Woman, and By Design, and the co-author of The Legacy of Biblical WomanhoodLeadership for Women in the Church, and Women’s Ministry in the Local Church. Hunt is a mother, grandmother, and pastor’s wife who has been involved with women’s discipleship for decades.

Spiritual Mothering

Angie: Who is the primary audience of your book, Spiritual Mothering, and what are you hoping they will take away?

Susan: The primary audience is the male leadership and the women in the local church. The Titus 2 mandate for older women to disciple younger women is given to Titus, the pastor of the church. Women discipling women is one way the church obeys the Great Commission, so my prayer is that pastors and elders will see this book as a resource to help them encourage and equip women for this mission.

My prayer is that any woman, regardless of age or life-situation, will be inspired by the gospel to seek out women she can nurture in the faith, and women who will help her grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

Angie: How have you benefited personally from applying the principles of the Titus 2 mandate?

Susan: I was in my forties when I was captivated by the possibilities of the Titus mandate. Shortly after I began wondering what it would look like if this concept were practiced in a church, my husband went on staff at a church with many godly older women. Their love for the younger women and their eagerness to encourage us continues to have a profound impact on my life thirty years later. I learned from their words and from their steady faith and faithfulness. This motivated me to begin investing in younger women. The gospel relationships are a sweet blessing, but even beyond that is the joy of knowing my Savior better.

Angie: What is the role of pastors / elders in implementing the principles presented in Spiritual Mothering?

Susan: The gospel imperative for women to disciple women does not stand alone. It is one part of Paul’s Pastoral Letters—1 and 2 Timothy and Titus—written to teach how to have strong, healthy churches. The ministry of women to women is one aspect of covenant community life. It is the responsibility of pastors/elders and is to take place under their oversight and in the context of sound doctrine.

Angie: What is the role of older women in implementing the principles presented in Spiritual Mothering?

Susan: Older women are called to teach what is good and to train young women. Teaching what is good means sharing the gospel. Training means to show, or to demonstrate. Older women are to share the gospel and their lives with young women—to show and tell them the truth and the power of the gospel.

Angie: What is the role of younger women in implementing the principles presented in Spiritual Mothering?

Susan: Younger women should acknowledge their need for older women and should approach the relationship with teachable hearts that are eager to learn how to apply gospel truth to every aspect of their lives.

Angie: Thank you for being a spiritual mother to so many and for taking the time to offer your wisdom!

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