Relevant Preaching (Pt 3)

We live in an instant, give-it-to-me now culture. We expect to consume material goods, people, and information at an alarming rate. We want slogans and soundbites, how-to’s and should-do’s. We also want someone else to do the heavy lifting for us. Perhaps our pastors can do the transformative work for us, chewing and digesting the truth so that all we need to do is swallow the how-to pabulum. But preaching does not work like that. Transformation does not work like that. While attending a Bible Conference at Muskoka Bible Centre I heard Andy Bannister, the lead apologist for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries Canada, say: “The Gospel is not intended to make bad people good. The Gospel makes dead people alive.” A transformative sermon is not 7-Ways to Be a Better You. A transformative sermon is an encounter with the living God in the face of Jesus Christ through the revealing power of the Holy Spirit. Show people Christ and they will be transformed. Show them one more how-to and they will simply stumble over the stumbling stone (Rom 9:30-33).

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